A hierarchy of dissemination tactics

Is it time to drop the 'knowledge translation' metaphor? A critical literature review

"Our findings suggest that while ‘translation’ is a widely used metaphor in medicine, it constrains how we conceptualise and study the link between knowledge and practice. The ‘translation’ metaphor has, arguably, led to particular difficulties in the fields of ‘evidence-based management’ and ‘evidence-based policymaking’ - where it seems that knowledge obstinately refuses to be driven unproblematically into practice."

The Culture of Science Engagement Is Becoming Less Formal, Experts Agree | AAAS - The World's Largest General Scientific Society

Not Running a Hospital: Health communications at Tufts this summer

Great learning opportunities for health communicators from my friend Dr. Lisa Gualtieri at Tufts University School of Medicine:   

  • Mobile Health Design - a synchronous 5 week online course
  • Digital Strategies for Health Communication - a one week course delivered at Tufts’ Health Sciences campus in Boston
  • Health Literacy Institute - a one week course and professional forum at Tufts’ Health Sciences campus